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Welcome to GenBeans

This is the home of GenBeans, a highy interactive molecular biology software to analyze sequences.

GenBeans is a highly integrated standalone platform for bioinformatics based on the award winning open source software NetBeans. GenBeans is written in java and works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. GenBeans is focused on molecular biology and provides a seamless work experience to research scientists with a fully-integrated toolbox in a rich, user-friendly, graphical interface for analysing and viewing sequences.

If you do not like any molecular biology software out there, GenBeans is probably what you are looking for! Ever wondered why it takes so long to design your clones? What is the exact sequence of your constructs? GenBeans is the ultimate solution to bring to life the multiple sequence files spread on your computer.


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GenBeans 5.1 is out!

March 2017.

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